Worpress and Joomla plugins

Tariq H shared this idea 2 years ago
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Such great work missing small things.

Worpress & Joomla are the best CMS ever been in the markets since long time ago now.

I have many vendors who offer us a private platform to work with them as a reselleres and most of them making WP plugin to include them platform with our WP/Joomla to feel like its totally White label service.

I wish one day to have a plugin for you showing our products in our wordpress without leaving our website so it will increase customers trust.

At the moment, I already edit your template to have this (fake) look and I dont like it at all, but in the same time, I dont have other option.

Complete your support to us we ever got from you, and please add this option to your great software.

Thank you,


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It would be better to have a well documemted list of theme/template hooks currently used in CE in order to avoid WP overhead, since none of the core WP functionality for security, presentation, or ACL is needed becauw CE handles that all. Well documented list of hooks would allow for easy/rapid theme development.