User Group Discounts

Larry Braziel shared this idea 20 months ago
New Idea

I would really like to see a feature that would allow us to have discounts applied to certain user groups.

For instance, I would like to have several levels of Resellers such as:

Reseller 20

Reseller 30

Reseller 50

Reseller 20 would get a 20% discount off all products, Reseller 30 would get 30% off all products, etc.

I would like to be able to customize it and limit the discounts to certain packages and package groups as well if possible. This way they can't get discounts off 3rd party items we sell, only off the in-house items per say.

I would like to see this added as soon as possible as we really, really could use this feature yesterday. The workaround solution is not really feasible for us.

Thank you!