STRONG warnings when hosting account will be deleted

Whit Gurley shared this idea 19 months ago
New Idea

A couple of days ago I attempted to delete the billing package of a client who had decided to host elsewhere. What I didn't realize that I was doing was deleting the entire cPanel from my VPS! Due to shaky configuration mistakes on my part (single mirror backup, so the cPanel got deleted) and hers (no home backup at all), we are now in panic mode trying to retrieve her email content.

Anyway, my strong request/suggestion here is this: make the warning message that appears in this situation clearly different from other warnings - a stop sign, big red text, etc. You're going to see a warning anytime you delete anything in this environment, and while it's my responsibility to read those warning messages, it's also reasonable for me to assume that it's just warning me that I'm about to delete something less important. Deleting cPanels from the WHM is a big deal with potentially catastrophic consequences. I'd like to see it treated as such.