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Before you start doing anything you need to know what is really causing such a sore shoulder. There are many reasons you can get shoulder pain and the type of pain and the effect it has on your mobility can usually be used to determine what the problem is. Knowing the condition you suffer will then determine what sort of exercises you need to do and what other actions you need to take for a speedy recovery.

Certain foods will help you recover from a sore shoulder by either providing more energy for healing, helping to detoxify your body or importantly give you the nutrients to reduce inflammation and swelling. Foods high in anti-oxidants and fatty acids are recommended while avoiding overly processed foods such s white bread and pasta which quickly turn to glucose and raise your blood sugar should be avoided.

Heat draws blood into the area which brings oxygen and nutrients into the area also loosening the joint.

Cold stops blood flowing into the area which reduces inflammation and swelling which is caused by too much blood and other fluid in the joint area

This means when you have swelling you need to apply a cold pack to reduce swelling which will relieve pain but stiffen the shoulder a bit. This is important in the early days or if you overdo it and the inflammations starts up again. Heat Vertigo And Dizziness Programpacks should be used when there is no swelling but there is pain or stiffness. It will loosen up the joint ready to exercise it for better strength and will also dull the pain somewhat too.

A remedy for sore shoulders is something you desperately need when the pain and torment of an injured or persistently sore shoulder becomes too much to bear. With the sheer amount of actions you need to use your shoulders with in life it is incredibly debilitating for your waking life and a nightmare to try to sleep through as well. This leads to many people seeking a quick fix from pain killers or even jumping at the chance for surgery when such measures are not needed.

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