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Idol lash They're very soft to the touch and ofdirection, appearance very natural. Those are worn in the equal manner as theplastic eyelashes. Then there are the artificial eyelash enhancers. The realityis that eyelashes do now not most effective spotlight the splendor of your eyeshowever also protects them from dust. Earlier than any of these microscopicparticles get into your eyes, they'll first be stopped with the aid of youreyelashes. Your pores and skin of the eyelids is very sensitive.

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I also like the effect of false eyelashes. Try to click the link right now to see my favorite brand. Previously, I was very worried that I could not make such a volume using mascara. Later I realized that it was impossible)) Now I use several options for false eyelashes to create a different effect. It is fast and I like the result.