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I believe this is something that would be very useful for hosting firms and support firms at once, an option for custom quote request form.

Lets say in case of VPS/Cloud hosting the admin (site owner) would put the fields (items) for custom VPS/Cloud quoting form. The user will be able to open the custom quote form, choose the OS he want, RAM, HDD, connection, bandwidth, location etc...

And the site owner / admin can send back the user the custom price / quote with an ease from CE's admin area.

If client like the quote, he can approve it which would automatically create an invoice for this quote and let the client pay for it.

Do same for other typical missions, for example, support firms, client would say the exact support task / technical project details and if admin got no further question, he will send back a price. Client like the price? click approve, invoice created, invoice paid, automated initial ticket opened and company's staff can start work on it right away.

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This would also help agencies and design firms.