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Anthony Exeter shared this idea 21 months ago
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I would like Clientexec to be able to pick up on client email addresses that bounce back went sent to (because they are no longer a valid email address).

The reason being is that if a lot of emails sent bounce in a period of time, your IP can get blacklisted, therefore it is good to pick up on it early, and remove them (or change them) from a client's main email, or their alternate email addresses, when required

I would think if an email address is no longer valid, and an email from clientexec is sent to it, that the admin receives an email notification (and also the email addresses are greyed out in the admin, so that subsequent emails sent from clientexec are not sent to an email address that no longer exists (and therefore stopping a bounce back).

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I would love for this functionality to be incorporated into a future build if possible

You can see amount of bounce backs I have in my gmail in 1/2 a day (See: ) .

Note as gmail pipes directly into clientexec, I rarely log into gmail to view the bouncebacks